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Kellen Malloy is a filmmaker with a passion for blending storytelling and technology. As the writer, director, cinematographer, music composer and VFX supervisor of the upcoming short film "The Device Pt. 1," Kellen showcases a diverse array of skills to bring his creative vision to life.

Beyond his work as a filmmaker, Kellen is the Senior Technical Director at SV Studios, an LED production stage in Glendale, Los Angeles. Kellen led the entire systems design and install of their current LED wall and media server system, while also overseeing production operations for over 200+ film, TV and commercial shoot days since late-2020.

"I love movies that push the boundaries of reality and use those moments to pose interesting questions. Some of my influences include The Matrix, Peter Jackson's LOTR Trilogy, Interstellar and nearly every film from Spielberg. I've also drawn deep inspiration from work like Koyaanisqatsi, as well as gothic literature.

I have also taken a keen interest in tools that can help me push the limits of the filmmaking process. I'm currently focused on the emerging use of LED technology and Unreal Engine and I believe that when implemented with strategically efficient approaches, the capabilities of these tools to help actors and directors is wonderful. In the coming years I hope to help introduce these toolsets to other filmmakers."


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